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To keep your home, office, grounds, and outside clean and safe, there is no alternative to an ashtray for placing the extra ashes and cigarette butts. OZ Home Decor offers a variety of decorated, portable ashtrays useful for smokers because of a fire-safe damping area for a used cigarette. Along with these purposes, these designer ashtrays add extra value to your home and workplace.

Browse through our wide range of collections of Ashtrays!!

We offer a wide range of decorated and best quality ashtrays that add attraction to your living rooms and) workplaces. Check out the collection)

  • Ceramic Black and White Ashtray Golden edge- Ranging from $38.82 to $41.74, this type of round-shaped, portable Ashtray is made of ceramic with excellent Golden edge finishing.
  • Ceramic Metal Ashtray- The unique desktop decorated portable ceramic metal ashtrays also have (come with) a round shape with elegant white colour.
  • Creative Modern Glass Crystal Ashtray- The Crystal Iceberg-shaped glass ashtray is one of the signature pieces with excellent quality.
  • Decorative Cement Ashtray– Made with a mixture of cement and ceramic, these pieces of the ashtrays are decorated with unique paintings and are available in different colours.
  • Deer Lid Ceramic Ashtray- This piece is also available in colours like black, white, and green with a deer lid that gives a classy look.
  • You can also check out the other options including), Luxury European Art Ceramic Ashtray, Modern Ceramic Bear Ashtray, Simple Decorative Portable Ashtray, etc. These too offer outstanding quality, an excellent finish, and a perfect size. You can purchase all these high-quality products at a reasonable price range from our store.

    Why purchase Ashtray from us?

    OZ Home Decor is a creative and leading provider (of handcrafted ashtrays) because of our premium quality and unique designs. We take complete responsibility for a hassle-free end-to-end delivery process to maintain customer satisfaction. Apart from the quick delivery and hassle-less shipment process, we offer budget-friendly products with a guarantee period. Our team also takes extra care while we pack the ashtrays. Because the ashtrays are made of ceramic, they can break if not taken care of properly. If there are any discrepancies, we provide an easy return and replace policy to our valuable customers. So if you are looking for designer ashtrays for self-use or gifting purposes, consider buying them from our store to take advantage of convenient doorstep delivery.