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Candle Holder

A candle stand serves as a base for the candles and a beautiful piece of home decor.

Having a unique candle holder has the potential to change your home’s interior design by creating an appealing and welcoming change from the norm. 

At OZ Home decor, we have a wide selection of candle holders available in a variety of styles and patterns. 


Browse through our extensive range of candle holders you can pick!!

Our lovely candle holders can dress up your home and help you show off the varied taste which sets you apart from others. At our store, we provide an intriguing range of candle holders having classic forms and shapes that fit easily to the existing interior of your bedroom, kitchen, dining, office and others.

We have everything you need, be it a retro metal candlestick, gold and silver glass candle stand, luxury European style golden glass metal candle holder, or vintage metal candle holder. Our creative designers have ensured to add uniqueness and attractiveness to each piece.

Using top quality materials and colours, they have ensured that the candle holders ensure durability and sturdiness. Our candle holders have not been restricted to wood or glass. Instead, those who prefer a slightly old-school yet colourful aesthetic can acquire our classy metal stands for candles.

Furthermore, our candle stands help to prevent the wax from dripping when the candle burns without taking much space. They can also be attached to the walls easily. You can choose from our lovely range of candlelight holders if you want something different but still traditional. Not to mention, our beautiful candles will brighten up your home's décor with minimal effort. These candleholders also make the best gift that you can give to someone close to your heart.

Why should you buy candle holders from us?

Being a leading and renowned supplier of candle holders over decades, we have everything you desire to increase your home's value. Our candle holders easily fit into your home's interior and uplift by adding an aesthetic touch.

We recognise the importance of creating a visually cohesive atmosphere, which is why we offer a variety of attractive candle holders. All of our little candle holders are available at an affordable rate that would not seem like a burden on your tight budget.